Bridging the technology divide between the urban and the rural realms.

Think Futuristic.
Think Piltover.


PiltoverTech was founded with a vision of a world where people enjoy equal opportunity to technology.


We are currently on a mission to build inclusive technology products for the differently-abled.
Empowering the differently-abled to lead a more complete life.

What We Do

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We build products to empower the differently-abled and the elderly around the world to lead a more complete life. Our current focus is on the disability sector. Differently-abled around the world share the plight of getting caught between exorbitant price tags and products of abysmal quality. Present solutions preclude the differently-abled in rural areas from leading a more complete life. This is what we want to change. Our first product is IDA, a functional mechanical prosthetic hand offered at an affordable price-point. IDA is the first in the line of inclusive products we wish to develop in the coming decades. In fact, according to WHO, 2 billion people will need assistive technology (AT) devices by 2030. Today, AT devices empower people to do what they could have. In the future, AT devices will empower people to do what they could not have. Today, AT devices cater only to the differently-abled and the elderly but tomorrow AT devices will cater to the whole world. But that is then.

Meanwhile, check out IDA at
Manan is preparing PiltoverTech for the moonshot.

Manan Issar, CEO

He is responsible for technology and innovation at PiltoverTech. He is a hardware geek, a technology enthusiast, a 3D printing expert and an ex-founding member of a successful 3D printing startup. TiE Delhi selected him in a national competition to represent India at Start JLM, a global startup conference in Israel. Manan is an avid gamer - he plays League of Legends to wind down and an ardent Liverpool fan - he does not want his customers to walk alone.
We are scaling and conquering one peak at a time.

Most recently, we were handpicked by TiE Delhi to represent India at Startup JLM in Israel.


Winners of Accessible India Competition, IIT Kanpur
Winners of Manmohan Gill Bio Competition, IIT Kanpur
Winners of Social Track Competition, IIT Kanpur
3rd in Elixir Biotech competition, IIT Bombay
3rd in Startup World Cup Regionals (India)
Semi Finalists of Bio-entrepreneurship (Top 40)
Runners Up of Eureka (Social Track), IIT Bombay
IIM C NDTV Smart Fifty Contest (Top 50 out of 15,000 applications)
Winners of Social Accelerator (Startup Oasis/ IIM A)
Winners of TiE Delhi-Jerusalem '18
Kerala Startup Mission Idea Day Winners
Interns selected for a Sillicon Valley trip by Rajasthan Govt.
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Anirudh Kishen VM

He invested savings from his analyst job at Mu Sigma to back PiltoverTech. He is a generalist problem solver who holds a Master of Science in Law (honors) from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

Piltover is a city that is always one step ahead of our world, in that it has managed to devise solutions to many of the pressing problems our world faces today.


Few things are more tiring than boxing yourself in a claustrophobic meeting room to sit through conference calls with long awkward periods of silence, often interrupted by an abrupt break of incessant chatter among participants who are forever waiting for the torture to end. It is even worse when your turn to talk is over and your presence for the remaining part of the call is pointless but mandatory. The Mayor of the city of Piltover allowed the sweet aroma and the exotic taste of his freshly brewed coffee to keep him distracted. He wished he had something better to influence his thoughts for the remainder of the meeting. His wandering thoughts ...

Join hands with us to drive technology inclusion.

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